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Trends in the digital markets of the creative industries and intellectual property rights

The "Global Forum #Reconectacultura" was conceived as a trigger for processes to build a hybrid co-creation space to generate channels of investment in the digital markets of the creative industries and intellectual property rights. We will focus on bringing together traditional companies and creatives from the audiovisual sectors, sustainable fashion, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, videogames, digital TV and radio, and podcasts, to promote dialogue and facilitate alliances that strengthen the ecosystem of the creative economy at a global level.

The forum will take place in two phases, one digital and the other face-to-face, where the participation of three hundred international CCI actors and agents from the five continents is expected, which will include entrepreneurs, emerging talents, and professionals interested in strengthening their sectors from the perspective of sustainable development.

Specific Goals of the #ReconectaCultura Global Forum

  • To gather traditional and creative companies from the ICC within a hybrid space, to prepare a collaborative document with recommendations aimed at improving their processes and broadening the understanding of intellectual property rights.
  • To promote the dialogue and facilitate alliances between traditional and creative ICC companies to improve their sustainability.
  • To strengthen the capacities of the participants regarding the components associated with ICC with a sustainable perspective.

Target Participants

Entrepreneurial women from the ICC and the digital markets.
Young people interested in ICC and digital markets.
Entrepreneurial people from the traditional and creative sectors interested in collaborating,
investing, and expanding the ICC’s digital markets.

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